Easy Post Content Reminder

Best Content Reminder Plugin for Wordpress. Puts a Remind me button on any content in Wordpress. Users can now remind themselves of getting back to your website. Increase your returning visitors!

Quick info

Requires: WordPress 4.x +
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User's Calendar Sync *Pro Feature

Reminder email sent to the user will have .ics file. With one lick on that, user will be able to sync the reminder directly on to its Google or Outlook calendar. This will increase the probability of returning visitors.

content reminder setting

Compatible with any content in Wordpress

This Reminder button can be shown on any post, page, plugin content in Wordpress.

Ajaxed Form Submission

Ajax based form submission for a smooth experience. With integrated calendar and time setting view.

Content Reminder Form

Reminder Emails

Easy Post Content Reminder sends a reminder email with the link of the content for which the reminder.

content reminder remind email

Simple Settings

Easy to understand settings Content Reminder form, Integration, Email, Security and more.

content reminder setting

Admin Details View

A list view for admin where all the reminders sent from his site will be seen with the post and the user details.

content-reminder admin view


All submitted reminders are passed through Akismet so you don’t have to worry about spam. For an additional layer of security you can disallow anonymous users from using reminder.

Content reminder span check