WT Web Push Notifications

Feature packed Web Push Notification system for WordPress which uses FCM so you don't have to pay extra for any Push Notification services. Send Manual & automated Web Push Notifications.

Quick info

Requires: WordPress 4.x +
15-day Money back guarantee. Buy with confidence


Unlimited Push Notifications

The only plugin which lets you add unlimited subscribers and send unlimited Web Push Notifications in a fixed pricing.
Even if you have a lot of subscribers, it doesn’t change anything for this plugin. It will send notifications efficiently to all of them.


Automatic Notifications for Posts*Pro Feature

Want to keep your subscribers abreast? Your Web Push Notification subscribers will be sent notifications immediately once you publish a new post.

Automatic Web Push Notifications

Multiple Browser compatibility

Works perfectly with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera (Desktop).

*iOS has dropped support for Firebase Cloud Messaging and will not work on iPhone

WordPress Web Push Notifications Supported Browsers

Works with all the sites having SSL certificate

For security reasons in order to use this plugin on your site to send notifications it is mandatory that your site has an SSL certificate.

SSL Web Push Notifications

Multiple Device compatibility

Web Push notifications will be received on Desktop as well as smart phone browsers.


Admin dashboard

Get an overview of what's with your subscribers and the notifications which you are sending them with a simple Admin dashboard

WT Push Admin Dashboard

Notification templates and its library

Create cutomized Notification templates with titles, icons and links. These will be automatically added to the library which can be later sent with just a single click.

WT Push Notification Template

Integration Firebase Cloud Messaging Service

All the Push Notifications will be sent through Firebase Cloud messaging service, which is free. That is why unlike other pluugins you will not have to pay for both, the plugins and the service. WT Web Push Notification plugin is all in one.

WT Push Firebase Integration

Subscribe for updates

Taking care of one's privacy and not spamming all the ones who are visiting your site with your Notifications, we have made sure that only those who subscribe will receive the notifications.

WT Push Allow Notification

Give call to action

Web Push notifications can be linked and are clickable. Instant redirection on your site creates faster engagement.

WT Push call to action

Subscriber Welcome Note*Pro Feature

Greet your subscribers and with customizable welcome note notification for for subscribing to your updates and joining the family.

WT Push Welcome Notification

Customizable Icon

Admin has the liberty to change the Icon which will be shown in the notifications sent to the subscriber.

WT Push call to action

WooCommerce Integration*Pro Feature

WooCommerce store owners will receive Web Push Notifications on their Desktop and Smartphone browsers by subscribing to Notifications after logging into their backend on that particular browser.

Admins will receive updates about:

  • New Order Placement
  • Order Confirmation
WT Push WooCommerce Integration

Registered User Notifications*Pro Feature

Once a registered user logs in to the site, he will receive a pop (again) asking to subscribe to notifications. If subscribed if will also be able receive notifications which the admin as targeted specifically for registered users of the site./p>

Registered User Notifications

Subscriber Groups*Pro Feature

Automatic groups will be created as per the user groups you have on your website. Once a user logs in as per his/ her user id and subscribes to notification, that particular user will be added in the groups which he/ she belongs. Using these groups, admin will be able to send notifications specific to the groups.

User Group Specific Web Push Notifications

Custom Subscriber Group Creation*Pro Feature

Need to send notifications to users which can be a part of other different groups? You can create a custom user group and manually add users to this group (only registered). This way you will be able to engage with very specific users./p>

Custom User Group Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications Scheduling*Pro Feature

No more time zone problems. Make sure that your subscribers receive notifications just on their favourable time. This will increase the CTR (Click through rate).

Schedule Automated Web Push Notifications